Receive a $25 Gift Certificate just for joining Americas Mailbox or recommending someone who does!

Folks, there are a number of things that we do here at Americas Mailbox that no other company does and one of them is as a way of saying "Thank You" to folks when they join one of the largest mail forwarding companies in the country.

We will send them a $25 Gift Certificate that is good at 15,000 to 20,000 restaurants around the country.

The rules are simple...simply print out this web page and include it with the application that you send us to join. That's it! How much easier can it get?

If the new member puts down a current member's name and/or box number on the application as a referral, we'll send the referring member a FREE Gift Certificate as well!

There is absolutly no limit how many times a member can refer someone to us and get a $25 Gift Certificate. In fact, we are even offering to the folks who recommend us the most to other folks additional awards that are worth just under $500.00.

Supplies are limited and this promotion is good for as long as I have Gift Certificates...and I bought quite a few.

How's that to prove we love our customers like no other company does? There are still some other ways, just ask us for some of the other ways that we prove every day that we love our customers.

And as always, Thank You for joining Americas Mailbox. We truly do and sincerely appreciate it.

Don, Barb and The Crew