​Our competition is spreading rumours that we are going out of business....THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!

Americas Mailbox is a very successful company and we are one of the very largest mail forwarding companies for the markets we serve in the COUNTRY!

I put the following text up because a different company, MyDakotaAddress, did go out of business and we are doing whatever we can to help their former members as they woke up one day and suddenly found out they had no address and their mail and medications were being Returned To Sender without their knowledge or consent.

Hello MyDakotaAddress Members...

We're very sorry to hear that MyDakotaAddress has announced that they are going out of business with such short notice leaving many people scrambling on their own to get their mail, medications, passports, tickets, etc.

We were just as suprised as you were. Nobody from MyDakotaAddress called us here at Americas Mailbox and let us know either as we would have been able to step in and help everyone. As soon as we heard, we contacted Terry at MyDakotaAddress and offered our help and assistance in any way we could.

We've always heard nice things about Terry and staff and we're sure this phase has been a huge challenge for her and staff as well.

In order to help you out and set up an account with Americas Mailbox, we are placing MyDakotaAddress members on a High Priority and will open an account for you as quickly as possible. We even have staff coming in on weekends to help you.

All you need to do is download the Full App Kit that we prepared for you and to help get a new account set up quickly, you can electronically send the documents to us either by fax or email. This file has more information than you need at this time but it does explain what our programs are, the services each program offers and of course the forms you need to send in. (Click here for our Application Kit.)


Oh, by the way...we understand that many people would be cautious about putting much money in their postage account given the recent events.

On our application, we say a SUGGESTED amount of $100-200 to open the account. Again, this is a SUGGESTED amount. This is YOUR money. We will never tell you what to do with your money. If you want to open the account with less money, that's ok.


All we need from you to get this started is...

  • The 2 page application for the program and plan you want.
  • The USPS Regulation Form 1583
    • (Please note: You DO NOT need to have this form notarized like you have had to do in the past. We'll take care of that for you since we are fully certified)
  • 2 forms of valid ID...drivers license, passport, military ID, insurance policy card with policy numbers on it are some of the ID's that are accepted by the USPS.

That's it!


Once we get these files from you, we'll open your account and send you an email with your new address.

Then after you send the files to us electronically, simply drop them in the mail to us at 514 Americas Way, Box Elder SD 57719-7600 for us to complete the process.

Our email address is Americas.Mailbox@GMail.com and our fax number is 866-481-0676.

If you already have a South Dakota drivers license, all you have to do is phone the DMV in Pierre at (800) 952-3696 and give them your new address at Americas Mailbox. There is no need to come back to South Dakota until you need to renew your drivers license.

If you already have South Dakota license plates, all you have to do is call the Pennington County Treasurer's Office ​at  (605) 394-2163 to let them know your address at Americas Mailbox is the new address on your vehicles. Magically, upon renewal you will no longer be paying the Lake County wheel tax and you can continue to use the current license plates you already have.

Again folks, we're sorry that you are having to do this on such short notice but we here at Americas Mailbox are working overtime and on weekends to make sure you get an address in South Dakota as quickly (and easily) as possible.

By the way...please do your friends a big favor who are former MyDakotaAddress customers  and let them know know that we're here for them and we will get them a new address quickly...even during the weekend.

Thank you for choosing Americas Mailbox.

Don, Barb and The Crew


Some facts about Americas Mailbox...

  • We have been in operation since October 8, 2004. Some mail forwarding companies in South Dakota say they have been in business longer but when you check with the Secretary of State of South Dakota, you will see that they have not. (Check it out here. You might be surprised!)
  • We have over 40 people on staff.
  • Our facility is 9,000 sq ft and we have plans already in motion to add a 20,000 sq ft building.
  • We have our own full hook up campground as well as hotel, all here on premises.
    • As with the building, the campground is already being expanded.
  • We're doing approximately 10-11,000 vehicle registrations a year. No other company even comes close. In fact, we even have our own large staff of wonderful people that do nothing but vehicle registrations for you.
  • We have our own insurance company embedded within our company.
  • For those of you folks that would be interested, if you meet the qualifications, you would be allowed to apply for a Concealed Weapons Permit here in Pennington County. Click here for details.
  • And...every one of our members here at Americas Mailbox has the owners personal cell phone number should you want to talk directly to the owners days, early evenings, weekends and even minor holidays. That cell number is 605-593-4496.

  • Finally, the address that Americas Mailbox gives you is the last address you will ever need...for the rest of your life. You will NEVER have to ever go through changing companies ever again unless YOU choose to!
    • Even if you close your account and then decide to reopen it again in a few years, you will have the same address you had before. You will never have to change your address ever again unless you choose to!