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Americas Mailbox Mail Forwarding and Home Base Services was designed with YOU in mind by providing you not only the ability to get your mail  ON DEMAND but we can also handle South Dakota (SD) Vehicle Registrations via long distance!

When you have us handle your vehicle registrations long distance, you can have our in-house insurance agent give you a quote on the low, low South Dakota vehicle insurance rates!

RVers, Traveling Nurses, Boaters, Truck Drivers, Merchant Marine, Military and other travelers, Americas Mailbox is flexible enough to handle all your mailing and legal address needs. Especially if you are currently using another service, take a few minutes to call the owners (days, early evenings and even weekends at 605-593-4496)                 to find out what the differences are and how Americas Mailbox will be your best choice!

Added bonus: we're also the least expensive service out there anywhere in the country that we know of when comparing apples-with-apples. Proving you don't have to pay a lot to get a lot.

Have you heard a lot of conflicting information about using our service? Read through the FACTS on our Common Misconceptions Page.

Americas Mailbox was built with the traveler in mind from the ground up. We are the only company in the country where the owner of the company is a full time traveler as well, so we know what you want! We don't just talk-the-talk, we actually do walk-the-walk! And that really does make a difference.

Read how the South Dakota office of Americas-Mailbox can meet your needs, then look over our plans to pick what best suits you...

At any time, click on "Join Now" to find the links for the files you need. Download them, print them out, read through them, and of course call if you have any questions!


Folks, we often get letters of recommendation and praise for the service we provide. The below letters are from real people who felt so strongly about the level of service and professionalism that they receive from Americas Mailbox that they were kind enough to take time out of their lives to write these letters letting us know their feelings. To each of them, we say a very sincere Thank You. – Don, Barb and The Crew 


"Today, I spoke with Dawn in SD regarding renewing my account. She was wonderful!!!" "...the customer service in SD in fantastic! I only speak with them occasionally since I schedule my mail delivery on line now, but every time I do everyone is delightful.

Dawn helped me renew, add postage, checked for a special piece of mail for me, and never once sounded impatient, never once did I get the impression she was trying to get rid of me or rush me in any way. Keep her, she's GREAT!!!! Thanks for having such, friendly, happy employees.

By the way, thanks to you to Don and your wife for running such a wonderful efficient company." –Mary W.


"Coming to your office was a little bit like coming home for us. It is a good feeling that there is somebody who knows you and cares." – Norbert and Helena S.


"Thanks again for all the wonderful work you do for us. Regards to Don and all of his hard working elves. You are the best!!!" – Len and Mary D.


"Thanks for implementing the new Americas-Mailbox web site. It is extremely easy to use, very well organized and pleasing to the eye. Thanks again." – Albert C.


"Just wanted to give you a quick comment on how absolutely simple the website is to make delivery requests. Your retaining recent addresses makes life soooo simple.  The service AND process are both just outstanding! Don't hesitate to use us as a reference.  We've used two other services before, and none match your service level....  Surprisingly, you are the least expensive of the three!" – Brad & Jan S.


"...after two years with you guys, the staff has never missed a delivery request." – Peter G.


"Guys, I gotta tell you...I've used other mail forwarding companies before and I have never, ever gotten the service that Americas-Mailbox always gives me. Not only was I treated like a number and received mediocre service at other companies, but I paid them well for the privilege. With Americas-Mailbox, I have never been disappointed with the level of professionalism you've given me over the years. Other companies should take your business model and learn from it. I have  recommended Americas-Mailbox highly to other people and will continue to do so. Again, thank you very much." – William and Frances 

"Hey Dawn, and yeaa Dawn, Whatta gal !!    I knew you'd do it if anyone could.!!!!" – Tom S.

"Love the service you provide." "Thanks Again for the Great Job you are doing." – Mark H.

"Mary and I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for helping us register our vehicles. Your managers, in our opinion, went the extra mile for us and just saying thank you seems hardly enough. They were knowledgeable and made everything go smoothly; the best thing we've done is join Americas-Mailbox so thank you very much." – Mark & Mary

"When my wife and I were first considering becoming people who travel extensively, I talked to my brother who is a well respected CPA and university professor. I wanted to know which is the best state to call home. His response was "South Dakota...hands down." When I did my research between the other companies in South Dakota and
the fact that everywhere I went on the internet forums, everybody had such wonderful things to say about Americas-Mailbox, it was a no-brainer to pick yours. I have been with your company for a little more than two years now and your service has been flawless. I've always been treated wonderfully by your staff and I love your new scheduling website and the personal service I've gotten. Keep up the good work and I'll keep recommending your company."  Bob and Mary Ellen